Hello and thank you for taking your time to look through my work. Carpentry is an incredible thing. It is shapes and angles, textures and colours. If done properly it can both serve a purpose and tell a story. It is problem solving that you can take with you and implement in everyday life. Carpentry is patience because you know if you don’t let that one piece dry you will be spending double the time remaking it. It is discipline; being on the job-site whether its +40 or -40 degrees Celsius. Most of all carpentry is rewarding; when you step back at the end of the day and get a feeling of accomplishment. I’m very grateful to have such a rewarding career. I would love to share my passion with you and help you create your visions and help bring your ideas to life. I graduated with honours in the advanced housing program where energy efficient building was top priority. I got to meet many great people and make life long bonds. After schooling, I apprenticed under a few skilled tradespeople who contributed greatly to my knowledge and skills. My goal is to pass on the knowledge and the skills that I have a accumulated over the years. By hiring YK Contracting you will not only be receiving a quality built product but you will also be impacting my growth and those around me. Without you none of this is possible…

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