Clearwater bay

Imagine waking up on an early Saturday morning with a cup of freshly brewed aromatic coffee. Looking out as your eyes try to adjust, you’re surrounded by a beautiful yellow, purple and orange sky as the sun appears over the horizon. Inside, the room is warmly lit as the velvet cream coloured walls reflect the light from the Edison bulbs that hang from the partition wall. A slight breeze is present from the overhead fan that circulates the fresh air from the surrounding windows. As the subtle chirps of the song birds get louder, you come to realize that a new chapter of your life has just begun. 

Located in Northwestern Ontario, Clearwater Bay is a cottage dwellers dream. Riddled with breath taking sunsets and gorgeous scenery, Clearwater bay has proven itself to be a great location for us to conduct business. Provided with a vision from our client we set to do what we do best and that is to transform a space from a shallow shell of stacked up 2×4’s to a comfy luxurious space to enjoy with your family. 

As a company our main goal is to create a living space that compliments and enhances your environment. With your vision in mind, we’d love to create a space that makes you feel at home.

Clean up and prep
Insulation and vapour barrier
Ceiling, wall panels, and subfloor
Finished product

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