Quick bathroom restoration

A fire in an apartment complex is a scary event to have to go through. Once the shock wears off from the incident the anxiety kicks in. We understand the value in a quick turn around in cases like this and that is why we have made it our goal to respond quickly and diligently to help reduce some of the stress the clients may be facing. Below we will discuss some of the steps we took to restore this bathroom and the process try to explain the steps required to completing the job.

The first step to any restoration project is to assess the damage. In this case the fire started in the garbage can and worked its way up the wall damaging flooring, drywall and some shelving. The fire was contained very quickly thus reducing the amount of damage making this a quick and simple job.



First we started by removing any of the damaged materials such as the small area of vinyl flooring, cove base, shelving, toilet paper holder and towel rod. Only the toilet top had to be detached and reset as the fire was contained to a small area and we could complete the job without having to remove the toilet. We were able to find a match for the flooring allowing to only replace the damaged area. By cutting two sq.ft along the outline of the pattern of the vinyl, we were able to glue in the matching flooring for a seamless look. After a fresh coat of drywall a coat of shellac primer was applied to the entire bathroom along with two coats of paint to mitigate any smell that may linger from the smoke. To finish the job we installed the cove base and hardware and returned the bathroom to the happy tenants. The full restoration of this bathroom was completed in 48 hrs reducing any additional stress of having to find a place to reside while the work was to be completed. 




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