How to fix a cracked foundation

This is a cost-effective alternative to digging out the exterior of your house to fix a crack in the foundation. In this case, we mitigated the risk of leaks by injecting a concrete epoxy under pressure to penetrate any voids in the foundation. After sealing the affected area, we framed, insulated, installed vapour barrier, and drywalled the wall system.



Scrape away any debris in the crack


Use a light bristle brush with TSP to clean the area for proper adhesion


Apply concrete epoxy repair kit


Frame the repaired wall


Insulate with R12 insulation


Vapour barrier the wall to prevent any moisture build-up


Acousti-seal all borders of the vapour barrier


Close it up with drywall

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  1. NB says:

    I had this gentleman doing some work in my home. I can’t be more satisfied, work very well done and price was excellent.


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